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Our goals

With considerable confidence, we have launched our legal services with an aim towards achieving a top-ranking level in the field of the provision of legal services. One of our major goals is to put across robust trustworthiness, honesty and credibility. Apart from this, we are also carrying a heavy burden by taking responsibility for the defense of oppressed people, this being obviously derived and inspired from the teachings of our Islamic law, which is a beacon of justice for all time.

Our message

There are still rapidly-growing investments, commercial deals and business, taking place in the KSA, which has led lawyers and solicitors to do their utmost to pay ever-closer attention to and to maintain the stability of the economy by providing a wide range of legal services. These are also provided with the aim to establish adequate safeguards and protection to the stability anddevelop- ment of all commercial activities. We believe that this cannot be achieved unless such cooperation is made with the registered law firms in the region In addition to this, we also aim to take care of the rights of individuals, whatev- er these may be, such as financial rights. labor rights or others Furthermore, to perfectly implement these above- stated points, we have been working very hard to assign a specialist legal team that is highly equipped to act on behalf of our clients and to provide suitable advice for them All of the above stems from a great belief that the legal profession is an honor- able profession This motivates us to carefully provide these top-notch legal services to also instill confidence in our clients and to make sure that they are satisfied with our performance. This also urges us to always look forward rowards the increased development of our services, by subjecting them to specific criteria that measure the quality provided and modernize them on a daily basis.

Our Services

vConsultancy and studies and actions
  •  Providing legal advice to our clients with regard to all the various rules and procedures, and to accompany them in all steps, to ensure informed decisions
  •  Answering all related queries
  •  Dealing with all labor cases
  •  Drafting and preparation all related internal regulations of companies.
  •  Drafting and registering all form of article of associations of companies •

legally supporting foreign companies to issue their Saudi licenses of investments

  •  Drafting and amending JV agreements.
  •  Drafting and amending BOT, CIF contracts.
  •  Drafting and registering trade agent contracts.
  •  Drafting all form of contracts and agreements in both and Arabic


• Providing a range of support for the registration of names and trademarks • Drafting, preparing and reviewing all basic regulations of companies, including their regulations of corporate governance

Real estate:

  1.  Providing a wide range of support regarding the issuing of deeds
  2.  Dealing with disputes concerning real estate
  3.  Addressing disputes regarding the overlapping of deeds, infringements and expropriating, and expropriation
  4.  Preparation of real estate leases and investments
  5.  Providing the management of properties.

Arbitration, conciliation and amicable settlement:

  1.  Concluding amicable settlement agreements and reconciliation
  2.  Representing our clients at alt stage of settlements for instance; at arbitra- tion bodies
  3.  Preparation and adoption of documents relating to arbitration

NP:We are not interested in the field of criminal cases or family law

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